Friday, July 27, 2012

ZALORA Brand Ambassador

My blog has been running for almost 10 months now. And I am just happy knowing that I had preserved it. Oh, my passion for blogging is the main culprit! lol Kidding aside, I am really grateful I had started this blog. I mean, through this, I was able to understand myself more--what I really want to be. Indeed, Gemnikka On The Go (eventually) became a fabric of my life.

I admit that I, too, envisioned myself having opportunities. I can dream. Everybody can. And there's nothing wrong about dreaming. But what I always whisper to myself is that never blog just for the sake of having this/that. Rather, blog to inspire and be inspired.

Sooooooo anyway, I know you have seen the newest addition on my sidebar (not yet? Feel free to check it out you guys!). Yes, Z Ambassador. I believe you know what that letter "Z" stands for, right? Correct, it's none other than ZALORA.

Welcome to ZALORA, your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favourite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.

We are constantly tracking the latest fashion trends to make sure we offer you the most exciting products available. Our fashion tips and advice will allow you to shop with more confidence.

ZALORA we believe your shopping experience should be easy and fun. That’s why we have a great team of local customer service consultants (located in our Manila offices) and free express shipping for all your purchases.

I opted trying their services last week because I am too curious with their value propositions...

For some, these may be ambitious, but well, with ZALORA these are attainable. And they proved it (there were problems with the shipping though because of the bad weather condition, so they are forgivable)!

Look at that packaging! I love how special it is. This alone really shows how they give importance to their customers. What more their other promises/proposals?

This was the item I recently bought from their site. This is a pair of shorts from Style Hub. And oh, they carry a wide range of brands from clothing, beauty, to furniture! They have it all. That is why they are called as "your one-stop online shopping destination"!!

Not yet convinced? Then why not try their site!? I am sure you will find something or many quality things there! Since ZALORA and I love you guys, you can have a 5% discount (with a minimum order of 500 php) just by redeeming this code at the checkout:


Thank you so much ZALORA for trusting in me and my blog!!

P.S. Just stay tuned because ZALORA and I are cooking up something for you dearest readers!!! :)

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