Monday, August 6, 2012

Just A Glimpse Of Your Smile And My Heart Can Fly


Topshop jumper | ZARA pants | Oasis bag | Red Herring wedges | Topshop giraffe ring

I will never resist wearing jumpers as cute as this! Look at the design--sailboat and with collar! It's not just a cutie but also perfect this cold season!!!!!!!! (Yes, I really mean those exclamation points. Sorry!) Since I wanted to dress up different from the gloomy weather, I wore my "screaming-pink" pants. Added another color using the indigo bag. To sprinkle a hint of playfulness, I had worn this quirky giraffe ring on. I went for neutral wedges to balance everything out. I don't care if I am like a "walking crayon" with this look. At least, I was able to spill colors on this dreary day. :)

Photos by RG

P.S. How's your day dears? I hope you're all safe and dry!! :)

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