Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New In: Topshop Denim Midriff

Topshop has always been my most favorite highstreet fashion brand. The quality and design of their pieces are too impeccable. Can you just imagine how giddy I was browsing through their sale items?! Yes, they are on sale--hello, 30%-50% discounts! I have been meaning to buy a bustier/midriff since forever, but I just can't find the perfect one. Fortunately, I found this baby on the sale rack!!!!! Got this for a sweet 50% deal! Love it to bits.


  1. really? I like!!! too bad wala yata topshop sa A.C. :(

  2. hey, dear!
    i love this post. topshop is one of my favs. i also love your blog.
    i follow you. follow me back?
    nessi from hungary


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