Sunday, November 4, 2012

As Sugary As Vanellope

If you are following me on Twitter, I am sure you know that I couldn't move on with Wreck-It Ralph. I have a hangover that I want to view the movie over and over again!! Wreck-It Ralph is by far the awesomest cartoon film ever!!! It's very creative and really heartwarming (truth be told: I cried.). Mind you, its story is unpredictable that it caught me thinking: "What's next?". Words aren't even enough to describe the movie itself, so do watch it and I guarantee you that it's worth every penny! :) In addition, Paperman, the short animation that goes with it, also brought the movie house down.

So, now, let me share my most favorite character...

Yes, Vanellope von Schweetz (adorable name!!). She is such a cutie!! If only she's real, I would pinch her cheeks and hug her! I can't resist her character--spirited, sassy, spunky! I love her so much! Actually, I deleted my current laptop's background and replaced it with her amiable face! :)

Sources: Google and Disney Wiki

Since I can still feel the Wreck-It Ralph hype, I was motivated to dress up earlier!

Oasis cardigan | Topshop skirt | Liz Claiborne bag | River Island ice cream socks | Sicko balloons sneakers |
Colorful necklace (gift from Amy) | Vicenza butterfly necklace

Can you guess who was my inspiration for this kind of getup? It's Vanellope. I didn't imitate her look precisely, but I hope you can see the resemblance. I should also be putting candy clips on my hair, but unfortunately I failed to find them and resorted to wearing these rainbow-colored necklaces (which I believe looked like candies... on my neck though. Haha!). Vanellope-inspired, check!--I hope you dears agree with me!! Haha! :)

Photos by RG

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