Friday, December 28, 2012

New In: Forever 21 Muscle Tee, Leatherette Skirt, And Rhinestone Earrings

These days, I find myself in a paralyzed-with-astonishment state whenever my eyes spot anything edgy or grungy. Guess I am really leaning toward the fierce style which made me think that it is my style. But, well as what I've said before, fashion is ever-changing--one day, you're all girly and the next day, you prefer elegance and such, etc etc. Yes, unpredictable. Anyway, I love how I am finding my own style. It allows me to know myself even more. And now, I am ecstatic to show you my great buys (thanks to my mom for making this possible) yesterday! See what I am talking about? I just can't wait any longer to wear these out!! :) Tell me your thoughts, okay? :)

P.S. I am definitely in dire need of creepers!! If you happen to know stores selling them, let me know please! :)

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