Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Was Not The Same Without You

Topshop denim jacket | ZARA tank top | Disney Mickey Mouse watch | Dreamcatcher earrings (Ava Te) | 
Topshop jeans | Blue Zoo animal print boots

I can hardly resist having a picture or two (or in my case more than two! lol) taken with our Christmas decorations as my backdrop. Christmas hangover? Hmm, you can say that but to tell you honestly, my Christmas was a far cry from 2011 and 2010. Oh, how I wonder what would Christmas 2013 be?! Hopefully, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Okay, enough of my melodramatic self. Hahahahaha! So, this was my look yesterday when I had my dental sutures removed and did crazy shopping with my aunt and brother. I decided to be edgy but with sprinkles of bohemian. Of course, I was in flats since we'll do a lot of walking. The denim jacket had given off the right amount of warmth and extra "oomph" in my style. As for my top, I am really into this kind! The print is undeniably eye-catching. I love how it injected "life" into my outfit! And don't you just adore the cuteness of these earrings?! I swear I was so giddy the very moment my eyes laid on this pair! What do you think of the look? :)

Photos by RG

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post!! My shopping trip to F21 is coming up! :)


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