Sunday, December 30, 2012

Only You Could Push Away The Dark Clouds

Topshop cropped jacket | H&M inner top | Mango belt | ZARA camo pants | Qupid wedges (Camille Co) |
Forever 21 emerald earrings | Sheinside cross earring | Esprit watch

Why is everything in a fast-paced mode? The clock is ticking as if it's involved in a some kind of race. 2012 flew by just like a rushing wind... and soon enough, it will be 2013 which clearly means back-to-school time *sigh*. How did that happen?! Honestly, I am not yet ready for the coming year. If only there's a pause or, better yet, a rewind button... oh well.

Anyway, enough of those "blahs" and let's go on to the look, shall we? :) I was so game dressing up military. I am really ogling over camouflage items making me arrive into a conclusion that I had been bitten by the camo-trend bug. Since I want to highlight the pants, I went for black pieces and let the camo do the work. I added a color surprise with the help of these emerald earrings (ironic how I just said I am not prepared and yet I am strutting 2013's lucky color hahahahaha!). I really can't withstand its brilliance and also it's a near shade of my most favorite color (can you guess?!). So, what are your thoughts about this outfit? Please do tell me!! :)

Photos by RG


  1. you look soo rockish!! way to go girl! i love your military looK!!!!

    happy 2013!

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much Ann! :) I am really happy you love it!! <3

  2. great look, love your heels! :)
    nice blog, should we follow each other?


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