Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Heart Once Loved Can Never Hate Back

Forever 21 "The Godfather" muscle tee and emerald earrings | Topshop HW shorts | DKNY watch | Warehouse bracelet | Soule Phenomenon booties (Cebu Bloggers) | Sheinside gold earring

Happy 2013, dear readers!!! :) Thank you for supporting and staying with me! It was just like January 2012 yesterday. And now... here comes 2013. Could somebody pinch me? Hahahaha! Until this moment, I can't believe how swift time is. 2012 was such a ride. I actually likened it to a roller coaster. There were too many ups and downs, twists and turns. Well, reality is reality. Nonetheless, I am thankful for everything that had happened. My prayer may not be answered last 2012, but I will still be waiting patiently and hoping endlessly until God knows when. I will always have faith. :)

My look was an easy outfit but still with the much needed edginess. I am so loving this muscle tee!! I know you can recall this! Hmm, not anymore? Then see here! Such top is definitely an attention-grabber, don't you think so?! I am grateful for shorts!! They undoubtedly give the illusion of longer legs. But of course, I am also happy that booties like these exist!!! As what the fashion icons say, the higher the heels, the better--and I couldn't agree more. Well, I wouldn't be welcoming the New Year wearing an all-black ensemble. So, I threw in my red watch and emerald earrings (very Christmas-y haha)! And as for my hair, I had it semi-undercut... well, not really. I just cheated! I used bobby pins and put all my hair on one side... and there you go, a "new hairstyle". If you read my past tweets, you know that I am planning on sporting the undercut. But I made up my mind that I'll still be growing out my hair, then if I am 101% ready I'll just surprise you guys! Hahahaha! :) I hope you had an awesome time with your family and loved ones this New Year (just like Christmas!). Thank you again and I pray that you'll stand by me through and through!! :)

Photos by RG


  1. Love your top so much! One of my favorite movies. Have a happy new year! :)


    1. Aww thank you Analisa!! <3 Happy New Year too! :)

  2. lovely photos, i love your top and earrings! (:

    fashionlei styled

  3. This outfit made your legs longer. :)

    Love the photos!


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