Sunday, January 27, 2013

For Only You I Will Verbalize

F-Stop denim polo | Topshop skirt, boots, and bangle | Topman tunnel earring

I think I had insanely been confessing my love for edgy styles everytime I blog. Well, it's really too obvious just by looking through my OOTDs on Lookbook... and not to mention by seeing the name of my site--Androgyny. So, please do pardon my repeating blahs regarding such matter! I. just. cannot. help. it. Anyway, I had chosen the lazy dressing path earlier since I was in a rush. I was, at first, hesitant with the top because I had been overusing it lately, but I still did wear it out (my mind told me so! lol).  The skirt is such an adorable piece. It sprinkled a pinch of sweetness into the ensemble. As for the shoes, I leaned towards my trusty pair of boots just so to aim the needed spunk. And I must say, the tunnel earring is the bomb. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Photos by Dad


You are a ray of sunshine, dear reader! Thank you for the love! xx