Sunday, March 17, 2013

Product Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Film Type)

I had never been too obsessive with mascaras... until I stumbled upon Fairydrops mascaras. Such mascaras were raved in every corner of the internet. Because of curiosity and amazement, I gave in--oh, temptations. I was really hesitant on buying at first since their mascaras are too expensive for me. This, in particular, is priced at 1,195 php in Beauty Bar. But fortunately, I found Stuff In Style, an online shop that sells authentic cosmetics in lower prices. I got a pretty good deal! It was being sold for 1,000 php. And I love how the transaction went on smoothly!! Please do visit their online shop here! Caution: They cater loads of brands!!! :)

Now, back to the Fairydrops mascara. What I bought was the Platinum one in film type. I chose the film type because I dislike removing waterproof mascara. It is a pain! Through film, I can remove the mascara just by cleansing my lashes with warm water. I did not experience "panda eyes". Would sweating be an enemy? No. Need not worry, it is still water-resistant... just. don't. dare. rub. it. or. else...

How amazing is the wand?! I mean, this is genius. It did intimidate me at first try, but soon enough I got the hang of it (I need more time to master it perfectly, though)! The wand and the formula were majestic... as majestic as the packaging itself. Hmm, how could a product like this be so impressive and perfect?! Now, that's what I call: worth the price--an investment, precisely. It is not your typical mascara. It separates, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes like a dream. I actually thought I was not wearing a mascara! It is not heavy on the lids. Believe me.

Not yet convinced? Then, look at the photos above and be a witness. Just excuse the first photograph since my lashes were not captured there clearly. The second and the third pictures did serve justice!! Hello to vavavoom lashes in just a swipe or two!!! This mascara is my HG mascara. I doubt if I would be buying any mascara other than this. I swear by this product and I am deeply in love with it!!! :)

P.S. What do you think about my first ever product review?? :)


  1. You have convinced me to buy this mascara. Payday, oh payday... Where art thou? Just a few more days away!

    1. Oh wow! Do try it cause it's really worth it!! :)

  2. wow! now i want one too nice blog btw, hope you can visit mine


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