Saturday, March 16, 2013

You Still Reside Somewhere In My Heart

Butterfly polo | H&M inner top and beanie | Topshop pants | Topman glasses | ZARA heels

It is ridiculous how loooooooooooong I have been staring at these pictures and yet my mind is still floating and too relaxed. Is this the side effect of the stresses in school? lol I hope, not. Well, school is done in just a matter of two days and I seriously cannot wait. I will definitely make the most out of my summer! :)

Isn't it that every day is a challenge for all of us? A challenge to cherish each tick of the clock. A challenge to survive the day. The past few days had been struggling moments for me. Adverse circumstances blocked my way... and it was really hard for me to surmount them all. Everything was sinking in that any time soon, I will just explode. But, good thing, I had controlled myself and poured out my feelings not only to my true friends but also in the form of prayers. And thankfully, I did survive and I know I will keep on surviving. Excuse my melodramatic self, dear readers! I just felt the need to burst them here, too.

As for the look, I was into the preppy side; not much of the edgy vibe. The polo, glasses, and beanie had evolved the outfit. At this point, I can already envision myself abusing this polo!! Possible looks for it are popping out, really. Perfect for summer! :)

Photos by Dad

P.S. I still have backlogs! Please do watch out for upcoming beauty posts!! Wish me luck! :)


You are a ray of sunshine, dear reader! Thank you for the love! xx