Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And My Safe Haven Was Your Arms

ZARA tank | H&M vest | Topshop shorts, shoes, and brass bracelet | Tam-awan Village dreamcatcher bracelet | Boho bag from Baguio | DKNY watch

This entry should have been up earlier but I was not able to do so because my mind and body were not in perfect shape. Sickness struck me that I just found myself lying in bed the entire day--I was "that" weak. Gratefully, I had regained my strength and I can now blog again. Another grungy getup is being channeled here. And I am deeply hoping that you, my dear reader, are not getting tired of seeing such style on my little space. If you were able to read my posts back then, you know that my style preference did evolve. I am a proud 90's baby and the 90's fashion pretty much influenced me. :)

Photos by RG


  1. Your photos, vest and your boho bag are to die for! I loooove it! <3

    Ericka of

    1. Oh wow that is really really flattering! Thank you so much, Ericka! xx <3


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