Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bloggers United 5: Beyond A Success

Truth be told, backlogs keep on piling up. But I am taking a break from posting them to pave way for this very event that is close to my heart...

Bloggers United. It is a noun--a group of people, a community, sharing the same passion: to inspire and motivate through the power of blogging.

I have been attending Bloggers United since the 2nd installment. And it was no surprise how successful every part was. But this time, it was different. If there would be a word greater than "success", it would be the perfect word to describe it. Yes, it was beyond success.

BU5 was bigger and better as ever! The line-up of the participating bloggers were too amazing. The coolest part: Maya Kibbel was included (I'll save my stories about her for later though!). The crowd was overwhelming. Long lines existed the entire day. And the atmosphere... the atmosphere was light and happy.

It. was. such. an. experience. worth-remembering.

Now, meet the bloggers I love!! :)

With THE Maya Kibbel

So, here's what happened. At first, I thought Maya Kibbel was already there early. But thankfully, she wasn't. Not that I'm selfish or something... it's just that I had been waiting for ages and ages to meet her and hoard from her booth. Since she was not there yet, my brother tagged me along to have lunch and we got back the moment Maya arrived. Timing, that is. I like to think I had the perfect timing. Seeing her face to face was already a dream come true. But talking to her and having my most awaited pictures taken with her were absolutely the highlights of my day--my life, if I could say.

With Ms. Tessie Singson a.k.a. "Lola Androgynous"

With Aisa Ipac

Kookie Buhain have always been one of my fashion inspirations. Her style is always the raddest. Back then, I just knew her by name. But now, I am happy getting to know her more as a person and not just a blogger. It may sound cheesy, but really, I am just too grateful gaining a new friend. :)

Kudos to Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonzales, and the amazing BU team for the massive success!!! Thank you for this surreal feeling of having to come close and interact with our favorite bloggers, yet again. Many many BUs to come!! :)

I already can't wait for you, BU6. :)

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  1. You met Kookie and Mariel! That's so awesome! I wish I lived in PH to attend those really cool blog affairs.


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