Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lace Me Up

Shop Euphoria Lace Dress | Dorothy Perkins Leggings with lace details | Aldo Layered Necklace

Aldo Rings and Bangle

Zara Sling Bag

Rose Sandals
Ooooh, scorching heat of the sun at 3 in the afternoon. This was my whole outfit lately. I build everything around my lovely lace dress with cutesy frills from Shop Euphoria! They are selling fab vintage pieces to fulfill every girl's fashion craving (be it an accessory or clothes)! Actually, I shouldn't be wearing leggings underneath but since the dress is quite short and I will just be going to SM I really have to. The leggings go with the dress because of the lace details at the end. Simple detail, but for me it is not as simple as that. Teehee! Notice my love for flower designs? Hahaha. I am pretty sure you have noticed it with the rings I usually wear and with these gorgeous pair of sandals! They are so chic and vintage! Must-haves! The layered necklace was stunning. Statement was made. :) Mission accomplished!



  1. nice outfit dear and nice blog too :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  2. @Glenn Encinares: Thank you so much! :"""> Hee. Yes, I'll visit your blog too!


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