Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breakfast Date

Hot chocolate is my favorite!

Lately, Aaron and I went out for a very early date since he has a class at 11 AM. At 7 AM, we met here in our subdivision. I am not really used to waking up as early as 6 AM now. But for the sake of seeing and being with him, I opened my eyes and got out of bed.

We had a breakfast date at McDo FCM. We ordered longganisa with rice (for me) and big breakfast meal (for him). Very delish!!! Hihi. Busog kami! He actually ordered an extra rice for him (talk about a huge stomach!).

After eating, we had some chitchats of things happened on us for the past days. Also, I actually asked him to write something on my SB Planner (I named it Crava!). Kilig naman ako! I love how "peculiar" is his handwriting! Hahahahahaha! (Mahal, forgive me for what I have just said! :*)

To sum it all up, I really had a great time with him even just for a few hours. Well, one or two hours mean a lot to me already - and to him also (I am sure!). We obviously spent that very little time well.

P.S. Watch out what I wore this day!! <3

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