Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter-y Feeling

Huli ang aking pambahay slippers!!! Ooops! :D

Bayo Top | Jasper Conrad Scarf | Zara Shorts | Havaianas Slippers

Aldo Rings

Aldo Bracelets

Aunt's Bag

This was my look awhile ago. Nothing's special today so I went for a casual look... with a twist of winter-y feel! With my scarf and top, I feel the winter. Exagg! Hahaha. I loved how I clashed different prints again on one outfit. I put on accessories that are colorful and neutral to balance everything. Again, I did not bother to include my feet on the photos. I just don't feel showing it since I am sporting slippers. Oh, weather, please be normal again pretty please so I can use my new heels from Camille Co's closet! Hah!

P.S. I am really in dire need of having a job cause I am getting crazy here (fear me not!). Haha! Homesickness!! Grrr. Y U DOING THIS TO ME. If you happen to know one, please let me know! Thank you, dearest readers! <3

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