Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Camille Co, a Filipino Pride!

Looks like her, eh? Hihi! I hope you find this cute!! <3

Hello, dearest readers! Yay for another blog post. Accomplishment! Now, it is pretty obvious what will I blog about - THE fashion blogger and designer Camille Co of Camille Tries To Blog. I find her very nice and approachable and really down to earth! That's why I adore her so much. And indeed, her style is impeccable. She never fails to inspire me!! I really do look up to her. I became prouder of her (a proud Filipino over here!) when she got in the Mango It Girl x Lookbook Contest as a finalist. I mean that was a "wow"! And would really be much much much prouder if she would own up that spot as the Mango It Girl S/S 2012!!! Filipino Pride! So let us help her spread the words.  

The voting for the next Mango It Girl is getting tougher now, BUT GOOD THING CAMILLE CO IS STILL LEADING!! But hey, we should not be confident still since the voting will end on Sunday pa. I am here to encourage each and everyone to help me spread the words. Help Camille bring home the $10,000 to a charity here! I love you, Camille Co!

You can log in and vote without creating a Lookbook account! You can use your FB account! :D 

I will always be a fan,
Gem xx

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