Saturday, December 3, 2011

Til The Next Bloggers United

Zara Floral Top | Zara Skirt | Hope Necklace (Gift) | Egg Rose Hairclip

Aldo Ring | Oasis Pearl Bracelet | Fossil Watch

Zara Bag

Bayo Brogues | Socks (Cousin's)

This is truly one of my favorite looks! Last minute outfits turn out really superb (I must say). I braved a print-on-print style. And don't you love how cute is my footwear!! Hihi. I definitely do! <3 Well, I played around with it since I want to add a "childish vibe" on to my look. I really really love that "pinky winky" shade of the socks! :">

So this was my outfit awhile ago at the Bloggers United 2. I was with my dad and we commuted (FX-MRT-JEEP). Did love the adventure though! Upon arriving in Treston International College (got in at 11:30 AM), me and my dad were shocked because of the super loooooooong line at the entrance!

I hate how I was feeling when we already got in the bazaar. Because of the big number of people, I felt dizzy and uncomfortable (parang mahihimatay na ako). But good thing, I somehow managed to make myself better by breathing some air. Then, I had my shopping face game on!! Yay! Since Camille Co is my favorite blogger and my greatest fashion inspiration, I headed to her booth first. See what I had bought:

Qupid Edgy Wedges

Got it for 850 php! And it is almost brand new!! Great steal, eh? :"> When I tried these, my feet didn't hurt! So comfy!!

After Camille's, I went to Laureen Uy's (another favorite blogger!) booth and scored this:

Red Pants!
 I love how red it is and its fitting! Bongga! Bought this for 300 php. :)

Then I finally saw this from Kryz Uy's (fave blogger too!) booth!

Balla Valentina Blazer
Don't you just love the design? And a plus for its texture!! <3 And oh, how adorable could those buttons be?! This is for 450 php only!

Laureen Uy's
Since my brother wasn't able to come, he noted the clothes I am going to buy for him. He has this tank-top obsession! Sorry brother kung wala na akong nakita from David Guison's booth. But, don't be sad because...

Plump Pinay's Perfume


It was overall an awesome experience!! I just hope in the coming Bloggers United 3 (hopefully!) the event place would be more spacious and highly airconditioned (medyo nainitan pa rin kasi ako kanina sa loob) so dizziness will not happen again. But nevertheless, Bloggers United 2 is a huge success! Until the next Bloggers United!

P.S. Maybe you are wondering "why so small number of photos". It's because of dizziness. :'( Sorry guys!




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  2. I wish I saw you at the Bloggers united! I was there too. :)

    - Louise from

  3. @Louise: Awwww! :"> Next time, I guess! :D

  4. Love the wedges, they look amazing !

  5. @Leah: Can't wait to wear them! <3 Thanks! :)


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