Sunday, July 15, 2012

Forever Exists In My Vocabulary

Shop Euphoria lace dress

Romwe pleated skirt

Sicko sneakers

Gemnikka necklace (gift) | Angel necklace (gift)

Looking through this set of pictures, you can tell how I love experimenting. I love the reflection effect! It is dramatic in a way, don't you think so too?! Anyway, I decided to look vintage-y but with a twist. Instead of looking as-if-I-am-from-the-past-decades, I opted to incorporate some quirkiness into my look; hence, the cutesy socks-sneakers combo. As for my accessories, I just wore these classic necklaces. I adore how everything turned out the way I wanted it to be! Yes, no heels for me because I want my feet to rest from the stress I had given them yesterday (wherein they were hurt like so much!!).

Photos by Dad

P.S. How was your weekend, dears? I hope you all are doing great!! Stay tuned for surprises here on my blog!!! :)


  1. Nice outfit! your top looks really lovely!

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  2. love the lace top and the pictures are so cool!!


  3. that reflection effect is so cool!

  4. love the lace top..


  5. the photo editing is so cool with the reflection! your lace dress is lovely btw.


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