Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who Will Fall Far Behind?

ZARA crop top | Topshop pants and earrings | Soule Phenomenon booties (Cebu Bloggers)  | Bone ring | Fossil watch

Despite my admiration to androgyny, my love for florals will never deplete. They are so pretty to look at, right? And honestly, I miss wearing my floral pieces out! Having said such, I opted for a floral-on-floral dressing today. Imagine this look without those floral prints--really dissimilar and too plain. Exactly, prints make a big difference. They do direct an outfit to the livelier side. What more for a print-on-print style?! I admit that I, too, find it hard to don such style. It really takes a clear sight and courage to pair prints! There must be something cohesive in both of them--it may be the color, pattern, style, etc. Just like what I did here!! Regarding the accessories, I think you know how I prefer minimal blings. And so, I just chose to put on this ring and these danglings. The bone ring (I got it from my dentist) is such a head-turner, I must say! :)

Photos by RG

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  1. Wow what a beauty you are!! Loving the sweet floral print on your look and the heels go perfect with it :)

    Much love from Finland,

    1. Woooow! I am flattered, Outi!! :"""> Thank you so much for this comment!! Really made my day!! <3 Super! :D

  2. Love the flower on flower and the ring.

    Just followed you - obsessed with your style.


    1. Oh thank you Anum! :) Wow, really grateful for appreciating my style! :"> <3


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