Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subic Photo Diary Day 2

I am really the "boyish" type when it comes to fashion, dancing, and sports even; hence the Androgyny title. But don't get me wrong, I am 101% feminine. lol

Anyway, as what I had mentioned, I am definitely game for anything extreme. And this didn't make me think twice saying "yes" when my mother asked if I wanted to go to the Tree Top Adventure in Subic. I was totally giddy and excited to experience the thrill!!

On a side note, this was in Subic Bay Venezia Hotel. And yes, that's my mother dear! I got to say that this is one of the most relaxing hotels in the country! I wasn't able to help myself from fancying over their interiors. I did feel I was in a different dimension, a different world. Truly world class.

And now, back to the main topic... before getting into the rides, we were briefed first by a Tree Top Adventure guide regarding the rules and the rides as well.

The pictures above were from our Trekking experience. Well, it was not really "as in" the strenuous trekking type--the friendly trekking type, I guess? Haha! There was a part here that we were just sitting and there was this guide who taught us a number of survival tips in the forest. There was also the more entertaining part! It was when Mr. Pikel (from a tribe) danced and chose some people from our group to dance with him.

And this was the moment I had been waiting for...

The Superman Ride was beyond epic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no other words to say but... beyond epic. Period.

Some of my cousins tried a different ride. This is called the Tree Drop Ride. And, I think I'll be trying this next time we visit here again. Hahaha! Brave soul, eh?

After all the fun and thrills, we headed out to Harbor Point and ate at Cabalen. It was a perfect time for us to have eat-all-you-can. Imagine how tired we were from all the adventures?! Worth it. Haha!

Overall, our Subic getaway was one for the books! It was totally a blast. I just needed a breather, but I had more than a breather--a reliever, that is. Summer, I am so ready for you. :)

P.S. Haven't read the first part? Don't worry, just click here!! :)


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